I consider my style to be very adaptable, but I am always trying to find ways to incorporate more bohemian pieces into my wardrobe. Whether it is embellished belts, headpieces or fringed garments, adding boho accents is always a great way to spice up your look!

Taking inspiration from Dimitri’s Berlin spring 2016 collection, the brand incorporates bohemian, gypsy style onto the runway. Dimitri combines high fashion with casual everyday items that real people like us might actually wear! Some of the big trends in the collection are embellished belts, knotted T-shirts, hats, bell-bottoms, metal headpieces, tassels, fringe, cardigans and neutrals (mainly black) with a pop of color. I tried to include some of these key trends into my look.

I put together my outfit based on the items I had in my closet that were in sync with Dimitri’s line. I first started off with an embellished belt I bought a couple of years ago during my travels. It is quite the statement piece and jingles quite a bit but is neutral enough to go with a lot of outfits. The second trend I wanted to focus on was the headpieces. My collection is not nearly as extravagant as the runway (obviously), but I was able to find a simple silver one to incorporate into my look that also complemented the belt. Thirdly, I wanted to address fringe and black so I paired the rest of my outfit with both a black shawl and black fringe shorts. Another prominent trend in Dimitri’s show was knotted T-shirts to make them crop tops. I mimicked this look by tying a cream top above my waistline. The shoes in the collection were pretty neutral so I put on some chunky black and wood sandals.

Get My Look: 1. an embellished belt 2. a metal headpiece 3. black fringe shorts