STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian Vibes

In the most recent Rebecca Minkoff fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway show, the bohemian outfits are what took over. The majority of the outfits which were displayed on the runway were outfits that could be worn on a regular basis. There are many fashion shows which have outfits that cannot be worn every day or that cannot be worn ever, basically. That is what made this fashion show stand out to me; the outfits are wearable and have the bohemian chic appeal, my favorite. The show contained fringe, boho shirts, leather pants and so much more.

Bohemian chic is my forte; it is my go-to style. I love the fringe, hunter greens, burnt oranges, browns, purples and loose shirts. I love the carefree vibes you get from boho outfits. These neutral colors along with the loosely fitting shirts make it look like you are festival ready all the time.

This outfit is one that was inspired by this fashion show. I turned one of the outfits on the runway into one of my own. I threw on a bodycon skirt with tights and my favorite boho shirt along with a black vest. I think that the vest adds the extra flair that the outfit needed. This outfit is more formal but has the carefree vibe as well. This outfit could basically be worn anywhere at any time. It could be worn for work, formal chapter, a date or even out on the weekend. If you are planning on heading to a party, you could take the vest off to make the outfit more comfortable and less dressy. This outfit that I have put together is carelessly classy, which is the overall theme of Rebecca Minkoff’s 2015 ready-to-wear runway show.

Get My Look: 1. A black vest. 2. A bohemian shirt. 3. Any piece of jewelry to spice up the outfit.