STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian Summer Rhapsody

Details, details, details. There’s something so unique and special about wearing a piece that feels as though the designer focused on every thread, stitching and embroidery with such great attention and thoroughness. It feels as though you’re wearing someone’s life’s work. You’re wearing their passion, and a piece that tells a story. A runway show that was of great interest to me was Oscar de la Renta’s resort 2017 runway show. Oscar de la Renta displays a large emphasis on color, texture and patterns in this collection, playing with different color and pattern combinations. This is reminiscent of the bohemian style of the ’70s, as different textures, patterns and colors were experimented, especially with floral patterns. In this way, this look is similar to Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody,” with its combination of various musical instruments and notes to create an interesting and unique melody.

I translated this runway look into my own look through my blouse. While the Free People blouse I purchased a couple of years ago is not the same as the one that I have provided a link to, it is a very similar look and maintains Free People’s signature bohemian style while also having an ornate attention to detail. The colorful floral embroidery on the placket of the blouse contains the same attention to detail as many of the looks in Oscar de la Renta’s collection. My top also contains this mixture of textures, with an embroidered patchwork bottom containing various floral patterns, as well as a delicately intricate bronze fringe. There’s something both bohemian and romantic about it.The flow and body of the sweetheart-like top makes for a great look for late spring and early summer, and the mismatched buttons and lace at the neckline add to the intricacy and beauty. In my look, I strived to weave the intricacy of mismatched textures, patterns and colors that Oscar de la Renta used, while also playing upon the bohemian element found in mixing and matching patterns and textures.

This look is rather easy to attain through basics and one ornate piece. I made the look my own in the accessories, as I envisioned it as a summer style. I envisioned a breezy look that was perfect for a light stroll along the beach, ducking into shops or hopping on the boat. The following are elements that one can incorporate on their own to create this look in a runway-forward, yet casual way.  The blouse is breezy, intricate and beautiful, providing for the perfect statement in an otherwise simple outfit.  The white jeans further enable the blouse to be the highlight of the look, emphasizing the detail in the patterns while the denim and lace provide for a great contrast of textures.  The semi-platform metallic sandals add a fun and casual element.  The floppy hat included in the look adds a touch of bohemian flare, while providing relief from the sun on those bright days at the beach! The Longchamp bag is practical, stylish and ready to contain a magazine, beach towel and wallet.  My accessories including my Wooden-beaded tassel bracelet,  Kendra Scott necklace, and leather-chained pearl necklace are elegant and fun, while also providing fun texture and color contrast.