STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian Revolution

When it comes to fashion, many of us recognize that trends cycle in and out of style more than Katy Perry changes her hair color. Both my parents and grandparents have told me on many different occasions that many of the fashion pieces that are trendy today were popular when they were young. We’re talking popular fashions from the ‘50s through the ‘80s here people! Whether or not you intentionally dress in the past, chances are your new fashion obsession is inherently recycled. After all, why reinvent the wheel? I have always found myself to be inspired by the fashions of decades past. Every Halloween, I am drawn to costumes that embody trends of previous decades: flappers, hippies and even the pink ladies. Currently, I am particularly influenced by fashions of the ‘60s and ‘70s, often incorporating bohemian styles and modern prints into my wardrobe.

Since fashion tends to repeat itself over time, I didn’t necessarily have to look all the way back to the ‘70s to be inspired by ‘70s themed fashion. Alternatively, I became instantaneously awe-struck by the Derek Lam 10 Crosby 2016 resort collection. From velvet bell-bottoms in a cerulean hue to subdued prints and textured mixing, Lam has invented a time capsule for those of us who never truly experienced the ‘70s in the flesh. I used a similar color palette to what Derek Lam used, mixing blue, black and red in my outfit. This collection also influenced me to play with texturing mixing, one of the hardest skills to learn when it comes to creating fashionable outfits. In his collection, Lam combines knit, suede and silk all in one outfit, while I combined a crochet knit, silk, leather and straw weave. This intermixing of textures can make new pieces appear vintage, while making any outfit look complete.

My look consists of a crochet camisole and modern print palazzo trousers. In order to modernize and dress up my look, I added leather wedge sandals with a wooden heel, chandelier earrings, stacking rings and a kate spade straw weave cross-body bag. To create a cohesive feel with my beauty look, I also wore Chanel’s Envoûtante rouge allure lipstick.

Fashion is fluid, though it never really changes, it is also never the same. You can never go wrong incorporating fashions from the past with your own personal style, by doing so you’re sure to have one RAD outfit!

Get My Look: 1. Crochet camisole. 2. Printed palazzo trousers. 3. Leather wedge sandals.