STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian On The Go

For my outfit I was inspired by alice + olivia resort 2016 runway show. The idea is to show how bold bohemian pieces help to enhance an outfit, adding small but unique details to produce an on the go look. The idea behind each outfit is to have a playful bold piece of clothing and create a polished look by adding something to ground the outfit. It makes it become appropriate for any one of any age and any time of day. There are plain but memorable articles of clothing that mix with big patterns and accessories. This brings to full circle the global trekker look.

For my specific outfit I added a statement with my kimono; it had a variety of colors such as pink, blue, black and some gray. The patterns and fringe of the shawl can be seen in the alice + olivia resort 2016 collection. I kept my shirt and pants very simple, which is also a trend in the runway show. I added my favorite boots and jewelry that brought out pieces of my personality. I added some ankle boots that are covered in studs! I have been absolutely obsessed with studs since I was born; they add such an edgy feel to every outfit you wear. I love wearing these boots because they are easy to put on and can be used throughout all four seasons. I added my favorite new necklace that is an arrow head. I love discovering cute small necklaces that can be layered with any outfit. My earrings also are a small detail that help to continue the pattern on my kimono.

Get My Look: 1. A patterned kimono. 2. Arrow head necklace. 3. Black stud ankle boots.