STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian Glamour

Have you ever woken up and realized you had a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? I know a lot of girls who have been in this situation before. Like me, I sometimes never want to wear the clothes I own. I change styles a lot and usually end up selling or donating my clothes. Sometimes I wish I just had my own personal stylist like Rachel Zoe to pick and choose outfits for me. Rachel Zoe, one of the most famed celebrity stylists in the world, has refined her clothing line, going from vintage-chic to bohemian glam over the last five years. She is a huge inspiration to me and she knows how to make her clients look absolutely perfect. Of course, I just had to look at her newest collection for my inspiration today.

For my look today, I was inspired by Rachel Zoe’s resort 2016 collection. Filled with endless amounts of faux fur, bright colored dresses and fringe, Zoe’s collection is a perfect mix of bohemian glamour meets ’70s-chic.

Trying to replicate Zoe’s collection in smaller doses, I wore a Free People printed voile and lace trapeze slip and paired it with a black fringe cross-body bag. The dress with the cranberry and purple flowers really embodies Zoe’s collection. The bright colors are a perfect color for summer and the fringe bag has that ’70s feel, which Zoe often highlights in her collection. I finished my outfit by wearing black peep-toe mules and a statement necklace.

The focus of Zoe’s resort collection has a lot specialty items, which included pieces that had a luxurious feel, while still being appropriate for a Fashionista’s everyday life. Her collection consists of multicolored furs, tie-neck blouses, suede and metallic fringe jackets and silk pants. I especially love this collection because it completely embodies the realm of “hippie glam rock” which Zoe knows well. It is very different from her previous collection and is a major step up from last year.

Get My Look: 1. Floral dress. 2. Fringe bag. 3. Black mules. 4. Statement necklace.