I will be the first to admit it: when I wake up and the weather is freezing cold and the sky looks like it’s about to implode, the last thing I want to do is rise and shine and put on my cutest outfit. It’s days like these when the voices inside my head give me their unanimous permission to hit the snooze button, resulting in the durability of my winter boots taking more precedent than the cuteness of my earmuffs. But it’s the fashion shows like Rachel Zoe’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection that make me think those previous thoughts are just bananas. In her most recent line, my favorite stylist/designer/hat-wearing guru/coffee lover creates a woman who is the traveler, or who at least wants to be. This unique mindset of always traveling creates an incredible array of pieces that go from gypsy glam to Manhattan mellow. Some looks that inspired me included her homage to neutrals, especially browns.

So, today I channeled my inner Zoe. With thoughts of churros in Paris and pasta in Firenze, I could see where this LA stylist got her inspiration. With my instinct to keep things comfortable, I’m wearing my favorite and most stretchy leather leggings. Up top, I have the perfect loose white long sleeve shirt that can go with so many other outfits (the reason I love it). My brown and black flowy cardigan followed suit. Matching my loose gold jewelry made me feel more like one of Rachel Zoe’s creations and was totally “dying.”

Zoe’s spring show is an exhibit to how it’s easy to create a bohemian feel even in the dead of winter and how neutrals are never out of style. The tranquility of her line makes it easy to translate these looks into daily life.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized cardigan. 2. Leather leggings. 3. Brown booties.