STYLE GURU STYLE: Bodysuit, Won't You Come My Way

Bodysuits have become the hottest trend to date. This piece of clothing makes the best option, if you’re aiming for that simple yet ready outfit that doesn’t require too much effort. The bodysuit has made its comeback in the recent decades, especially within the fashion industry today.

As seen in Courrèges spring ready 2016 ready-to-wear line, it is quite evident how he incorporates the bodysuit style in variety of ways. His fashion line features the basic white knitted bodysuit, but switches it up by pairing it with a cropped leather or jean jacket, bombers and miniskirts. Courrèges line displays all colors and patterns throughout, and gives that extra pop factor to each outfit. Each piece consists of that edgy appeal but also keeps it real at the same time.

Personally, the bodysuit has become my staple item in my wardrobe. The knitted bodysuit I am wearing is similar to the one seen in Courrèges collection. For instance, the black bodysuit gives that monochromatic and chic vibe. However, you have several options for what color bodysuit you choose. There’s are many styles of this look ranging from lace-up to turtleneck. Mine features a lace-up, sleeveless and warmed ribbed material. My bodysuit is paired with denim high-rise shorts, but you have the choice to pair it with what you feel most comfortable with. Skirts, jeans or pants can work well with any look you’re going for. Also, I have fallen in love with the lace-up look and how it gives that eye-opening statement.

My black velvet choker completes the overall look I was reaching for by giving that ‘90s vibe. This unique design of the choker is chic yet comfortable and completes this bodysuit quite well. The choker look has been out of style for a while, but is slowly making its debut once again! I remember being a young girl and always wearing these necklaces in all my outfits, even though my style then wasn’t so ideal. Being brought up in the ’90s gave me some inspiration for my outfits today. As for shoes, I opted for black lace-up gladiator sandals, which gives that trendy edge. To finish off the look, I wore a three-piece ring set for some extra hand glam.

Bodysuits are an effortless and sweet approach for any fashion lover who indulges in this one-piece wonder. They are such a main trend you’re almost bound to have at least one, whereas I have countless. You can keep it clean by not mixing too many patterns, colors or vice versa if your going for that bold feel. Black is one of my many go-to looks, as it goes with almost anything. For accessories, try to keep it to a minimum, so it doesn’t take too much away from the outfit. It’s important to make this bodysuit stand out, so opt for that choker or mixed pieces, as you’re the one making the statement.

Get My Look: 1. Black lace-up bodysuit. 2. Denim shorts. 3. Black velvet choker.