STYLE GURU STYLE: Blacked Out Summer

Being a girly-girl, I love dresses and I have a ton of them. Even though they are super comfy and an easy outift for a rushed morning, I find myself shuffling for a different way to style them. Usually I go for sandals, a nice statement necklace and I’m out the door. Then as I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline I found the perfect way to combine two trends I have yet to try.

I was inspired by Diesel Black Gold’s resort 2016 collection that featured a darker take for summer with tons of black pieces. Although most of the collection was dark, I was drawn to the light fabrics. Plus, I usually don’t wear black in the summer because it adds a good 10 degrees on the already sweltering Memphis weather.

Another trend I’m drawn to is the knotted belt. I always see the chart on Pinterest showing off different ways to wear the accessory. My take on this actually wasn’t intentional. I was going for the ‘”tie” look but ended up making a flower-like shape instead. I chose the teal color because I had to add something else to the look.

This ultra comfy black dress is actually reversible. Mostly, I wear it on the gray side but the change was good and I think I like the black more. The key to going darker is definitely in the fabric. If the cloth is too heavy it can easily make you feel like you’re in a heat box. But if you look for items that are made of chiffon or other light fabrics you’ll be more comfortable.

I added simple accessories to keep with the simplicity seen in the Diesel Black Gold collection. Plain heels and a simple gold bracelet can go a long way this season.

Get My Look: 1. Black Dress. 2.Teal Belt. 3. Black Heels.