STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, White and Boxy

STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, White and Boxy

Anyone that knows me will tell you that the majority of my wardrobe is monochromatic. How can you go wrong with black and white? The DKNY Resort 2016 Collection is one of many that exemplifies the beauty of black, white and gray fashion.

With the show mixing oversized tops and trousers and utilizing the white sneaker trend to play with the overall look, I chose to make it my own by integrating my own elements.

I transformed this runway style into something I would wear on either a daily basis or a casual look for a night out. I started with one of my favorite oversized tops, a striped black knit from Forever 21 with a sheer component to it. This is also inspired from some styles in the resort 2016 collection and ultimately adds more to the nighttime vibe of my outfit. Underneath the top I chose a lacey bralette to show off the shirt’s bonus risqué element; for a more appropriate look, one could add a simple black tank top.

Accessories I included in my look was a black, slouchy cross-body bag and a silver Skagen mesh watch.

Since I have yet to find the perfect wide-legged black trousers for myself, I opted out of this runway trend and substituted it with my own black slacks. Comfy and affordable from H&M, I would highly suggest investing in a pair of similar black pants as they are extremely versatile; they can be dressed down in the way I have done with a pair of white sneakers, or dressed up with a pair of heels. I initially purchased these to wear for my internship as they’re great for business casual wear, but I also found myself incorporating them in my daily outfits!

Working my way down to the shoes, I have an undeniable love for crisp, white sneakers. My new favorite purchase would have to be these Nike’s, which went perfectly with the look I wanted for this outfit that reflected DKNY’s resort 2016 collection.

Get My Look: 1. A boxy, black T-shirt 2. Black pants 3. White sneakers 4. Mesh strap watch.