STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Versatility

July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the resort 2016 fashion shows, readers can see a big gap in stylistic approaches according to the designer. Each designer, just like each stylist, has many different tastes in putting pieces together, including diversity in the pieces chosen and how the outfits represent the brand or wearer as a whole.

Personally, I tend to favor brands who exhibit outfits that are simple. To me, simplicity is extremely important because we Fashionista/os have to be ready for anything that will come our way for the day. If simplicity reigns in my outfits day to day, it will help me feel cool, comfortable and confident to take on those busy days.

Theory’s resort 2016 collection does just this. It is sleek, precise and classy. I was drawn to the prevalence of black outfits in this collection because there was just so many of them! Although it could be seen as a sign of repetition in the collection, it was indeed a sign of versatility. The color black could take on many personas and auras accordingly.

That being said, for today’s outfit I took Theory’s collection outfit for outfit and applied their elements to my own look. I wore a simple black dress with sneakers. The thing with this dress is that, just like the collection, it is versatile. And if a girl’s night out were in my plans later on for the day, I would be easily able to slip off the sneakers and slip on some RAD heels for the evening. I paired this dress with two key essentials: my black framed sunglasses and, of course, my everyday Casio watch.

Get My Look: 1. A black dress. 2. Comfortable sneakers. 3. Cool sunglasses. 4. A positive attitude that will prepare Fashionista/os for RAD events throughout our day!