STYLE GURU STYLE: Black to the Max

STYLE GURU STYLE: Black to the Max

Everyone raves about the power and necessity of a simple little black dress, but they always seem to underestimate the elegance of a black maxi dress. One runway show that gracefully captured such style in the Veronique Branquinho 2017 resort collection.

The 2017 resort collection is a compilation of monochromatic pieces and a splash of unexpected yet appealing blue denim. The collection has a sense of purity, due to the models’ natural hair and makeup and the bohemian features, such as tied strings, beads and lace. The designer captured a sense of a feminine grunge through the flowing fabrics and chunky boots worn by the models.

Taking inspiration from the head to toe black in Veronique Branquinho’s collection, I paired a black maxi with simple gold jewelry. The maxi dress I wore embodies Branquinho’s line almost perfectly because of the similar beaded ties. I love the unique lines that run up and down the dress and around the neckline that give it a modern-vibe. The dresses in the collection and the dress I chose both have an elegant and bohemian flair that is perfect for any occasion.

Because the collection was left very simple, I decided to keep my jewelry simple as well with a gold bar necklace, to not take away from the dress itself. To add my own flair to the outfit, I wore a bright statement red-orange lip, but kept my makeup otherwise minimal. To top off my runway inspired look, I included gold sandals that are comfy yet effortless.

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Necklace. 3. Lipstick.