STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, Sporty, Street

I’ve developed quite a fascination with black, urban and streetwear styles. I’m really inspired by dark blacks mixed with a dressy, yet street-urban look that Y-3’s fall 2016 collection exemplifies.

Taking inspiration from the collection, I combined a black trench coat, a black, lightweight windbreaker and a long line button-down shirt. The collection had a lot of jackets of lightweight material (like my windbreaker, which I also got on sale!), and button-down shirts. I maintained a similar color palette, which was dark and neutral. Although I usually wear dark colors, I do sometimes add a pop of color, which can be seen in this Herschel bag, which has a lime green accent. It gives the outfit a little bit more versatility in terms of colors, allowing the lime green to stick out. I finished the outfit off with some dark skinny jeans. A lot of the collection had skinny jeans or pants (some with leathery material) to maintain an edgy look.

Footwear can make or change the direction of an outfit. Loafers, boots and dress shoes can lead an outfit toward a more preppy or refined look. While trainers, sneakers and running shoes can lead an outfit toward a more urban or street look. This time, I added some Chelsea boots to the outfit, directing it to a more elevated, refined look, but you can certainly exchange those for trainers and still have a very nice look. The wide brim hat I’m wearing further brings this look to a very personal look for me, considering wide brim hats and fedoras are my favorites.

A lot of pieces here are very classic pieces. You can never go wrong with a trench coat, button-down shirt or dark skinny jeans. Classic pieces are wonderful because they never go out of style, but also give you more room to be creative and add to make the outfit stand out a lot more. It is a great place for any budding Fashionista/o to learn fashion and experiment with outfits, textures, colors and designs.

Get My Look: 1. A trench coat. 2. Dark skinny jeans. 3. Black button-down shirt. 4. Black Chelsea boots.