STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Soul and Chunky Soles

It was late at night, and I was surfing for some outfit inspiration. I’d recently fallen into a lull of the jeans, T-shirt and cardigan look and needed to look outside of my closet to be able to come up with a new combination. That was when I stumbled upon Damir Doma’s pre-fall 2015 collection. The entire collection is made up of neutral colors (blacks, browns, greens and yellows) and featured a lot of long jackets, knitwear and turtlenecks. Of course I was drawn to this due to the colors, but I also loved the way the casual fabrics were made to look so sophisticated. In the review of Doma’s collection, it says, “Damir Doma’s collections have long excelled in subdued gender fluidity,” and adding that, “women’s was born from men’s.” This stuck out to me, because I’ve always been a huge fan of menswear-inspired clothing items and often find myself stealing things from my brothers’ closets (which I oftentimes get yelled at for).

With all of this fresh in my mind, I came up with an outfit featuring a black turtleneck I had yet to wear, along with my well-worn black skinny jeans. I kept the outfit monochromatic (as a lot of Doma’s outfits were) and wore a pair of black chunky Creepers. Now, the Creepers may be a bit strange looking to some of you, but I became obsessed with them as I followed fashion blogger Luana Perez’s style posts on She has a plethora of these same Creepers in different colors and incorporates them into most of her outfits, managing to look so fashionable and super adorable. Obviously I had to get a pair of my own, though I’m still attempting to match up to her covetable style. While this outfit was inspired by Doma’s collection, I do often wear all black (as I may have said before). I know this is trap a lot of people fall into in winter, but, guys, it just fits the mood of the cold so well. And black always looks good. And black is the best color—we all know this. Whatever—it’s not a habit that I’m ashamed to admit I have. I will continue to wear black as long as I live. Maybe on my next outfit post, I’ll add some color. Maybe I won’t. Stay tuned.

Get My Look: 1. A black turtleneck. 2. A pair of amazing black skinnies. 3. A pair of low-sole Creepers.