I drew my inspiration from Chanel’s pre-fall 2016 collection that consists of everything from lace to tweed. I feel drawn to the dark color scheme, which mainly consists of black on black or black on white. Chanel’s collection has an overall feminine vibe and a classy look that I used to create an outfit for my everyday look. Chanel’s runway was depicted as a total black and white scene in Paris. I transitioned this to my casual style by positioning myself on a college street.

Since winter is upon us, it can be very difficult to have a stylish outfit when you know you have to layer up. Here in Boone, North Carolina we always have to dress warm to fight the chills considering we are in the mountains. Luckily, there are cute ways to layer up. On this particular day, I did not need a top layer. But, if it was needed, this outfit could be topped off with a black leather jacket.

I’ve always been the one to have a simple look, but I am so inspired by this collection that I decided to change things up a little bit. There’s something I love about wearing black on black; I think it’s very eye-catching and classy. To create my own version of Chanel’s black on black look, I decided to wear black skinny jeans, and underneath I am wearing lace tights. Along with the outfit, I’m also wearing a dark brown fur vest over a black long sleeve shirt. The floppy hat and snake boots make the outfit pop and stand out.

Considering that the boots and hat make a big statement, I limited the jewelry and accessories. My outfit has plenty of details incorporated into it. I consider it to be a feminine and edgy look. Sometimes I think less is more, having too much may take away from the items that are making a big statement.

Get My Look: 1. Snake boots. 2. Floppy hat. 3. Fur vest.