Whenever I am undecided on what to wear, my go to color is always black. Donna Karan’s latest collection, titled “A Uniform of Dressing,” demonstrates how to mix fabrics while wearing only one color. Karan managed to utilize both a military theme while simultaniously incorporating feminine aspects into her outfits. For example, wearing a black leather officer’s jacket over a feminine bodycon dress. This trend of military and leather jackets has been appearing on runways everywhere within the past few seasons. Along with the military theme, Karan played up textures to make outfits have more dimension.

My outfit follows the same trend; a more masculine leather jacket over a flirty dress. The leather adds definition to the outfit by breaking up all of the black pieces. Following with the texture trend, there is also leather and suede on my black booties.

While an all-black look can seem gothic and overbearing, it can be extremely flattering and slimming if worn the right way. The best way to sport an all-black outfit is to play up textures like Donna Karan exhibits in her latest collection. Another way to wear all-black is to accessorize with simple gold or silver jewelry. I added a plain gold pendant necklace to complement the gold in my cross-body bag. Playing with different textures and accessories is the easiest way to get away with an all-black outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Black heeled booties. 2. Leather jacket. 3. Black cross-body bag. 4. Black fit and flare dress.