STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Is Always The New Black

What’s black, white and worn all over? Vera Wang, duh! Although the designer is famously known for her white, wedding dresses (shout out to Kate Hudson in Bride Wars), Wang’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection shines equally as bright…in an unconventional way nonetheless. The designer went all-black with everything. What a wow factor! The collection was superbly timeless, tailored and monochromatic. Dare I say it was love at first sight? Coming from someone who has a wardrobe consisting of only earth tones, 75 percent of which are black, people who wear dark clothes lead more colorful lives…it’s an indisputable fact.

Having an abnormal amount of black articles of clothing in my repertoire, I was fairly (definitely) certain that I would have no problem recreating this look. I pulled my favorite drawstring, silk shorts from French Connection and paired them with my go-to blouse from Lush. This top is literally my trusted steed…one of my five duplicates is always a hanger away. And guess what? They’re all black, obviously. Wang’s show featured V-neck collars, so I modeled the same trend to stay aligned with the designer’s vision.

Although the brilliant, minimalistic collection spoke volumes all on its’ own, I felt obliged to add my own Style Guru sass to this ensemble. My current obsessions consist of three things: flatforms, shades and hats. I speak candidly when I divulge that this craze has not been healthy for wallet. The orange, reflective Ray-Bans added a needed pop of color. Then the black (surprise), patent flatforms gave a little spunk and my felt, floppy hat topped off the look as an “it” element.

We all know rule one of the fashion world is to have an LBD. I say, take that one step further and make a little, black outfit. It’s flattering, stunning and trouble free, so what’s stopping you?

Get My Look: 1. Black, loose shorts. 2. Flatforms. 3. Floppy hat. 4. Reflective sunglasses.