STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Boots, Bold Statement

STYLE GURU STYLE: Black Boots, Bold Statement

Is there ever a day where a Fashionista doesn’t scroll through their favorite stores looking at whats on trend, no way. This week I have noticed that graphic T-shirts with David Bowie on them have been on fire. Along with these new choker necklaces that wrap around your neck and dangle down. Well its safe to say I caved and had to be in trend. An outfit like this is something you can start off in the day time wearing and go out all night in.

Every Fashionista always has a favorite pair of bottoms to wear during every season. From those high wasted, washed out shorts to ripped up jeans in the fall and spring. For the summer, I love pairing up any comfy graphic T-shirt with my ripped up Abercrombie and Fitch shorts. These type of shorts go great with just about any top that you pair them with, and I absolutely love that about them.

Now onto a forever keep sake in the fashion world, black bootie. These black Frye booties are to die for. A little western touch to an outfit never was a fashion, “no, no.” They are comfortable and casual but not to casual because the metal stones sticking out around the ankles leave every outfit with a statement. Not to mention, black will forever be the new black. The color will never go out of style and it will always match everything you pair it with.

Have you checked out these awesome Stella & Dot earrings yet?These earring cuffs come in gold and silver and are seriously amazing. Not every outfit needs a bold earring, but every person needs something to complement their face, and these are what everyone needs.

We all see that band graphic T-shirts will forever be in style or a big trend during a season. This summer these graphic T-shirts have been hitting the roof and have been on point to any style from shabby chic, boho and street style. You can wear tees like these really to just about anywhere, because you can always play around with them, and wear them different ways. For this weeks style, tucking in the shirt half way in the front just felt like the right thing to do. Then again, a basic graphic tee always feels like the right thing to do.

Get My Look: 1. T-shirt. 2. Shorts. 3. Boots.