STYLE GURU STYLE: Black And Neutral Layers

When it comes to summer layers, black is always the easiest way to go. However, easy doesn’t have to mean boring. Isabel Marant’s spring 2015 line takes black layers to the next level with an interesting mix of fabrics, including leather and knit, and some beautiful pieces that would stand out in any outfit. This line also features equally fantastic neutral looks. I drew inspiration from all these traits of the Isabel Marant spring 2015 line to create this mixed fabric black and neutral layered look.

An all-black look is fairly common, so adding a neutral piece sets an otherwise basic look apart from the crowd. Plus, the color-block effect separates the pieces from each other, better defining the differences between each item of clothing. Use this to your advantage to define a favorite body part; in my case, my waist and legs shine because they’re set apart from the rest of the black attire. This necklace helps draw attention to my collarbone in a more subtle way.

One of the best parts of a neutral outfit is that nearly any makeup look goes with it. I chose an equally neutral makeup look to go with this runway-inspired outfit. Though I’m still a makeup beginner, I tried an easy contour look complete with perfectly defined eyebrows. I could easily have added a colorful lipstick or a bright eye and it still would have gone well with the outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A black faux leather skirt. 2. A long black knit cardigan. 3. An oversized black bag.