One thing I really love seeing that is popping up on the runway is the tunic. I love how versatile, roomy and comfortable tunics are. I am over the moon about their comeback on the catwalk. A single tunic can be worn in a number of ways, and they are just so easy to wear. I own many tunic tops, my favorite being this denim one. It is casual enough that I can wear it out on a rainy, muggy day like today to run errands and look put together. However, later on when it cools down I can pull a chunky knit sweater over top for a comfortable vibe, or a denim jacket to add some edge. It really is a core piece in my closet.

The boxier and longer cut that identifies a tunic has been worked into many older silhouettes to give them a new edge. One of my favorite examples? Alexander Wang’s resort 2016 collection. From the top to bottom, Wang incorporated a longer line and wider cut to nearly all his pieces. In true Wang style, many of these garments have minimal detail, follow a monochromatic color scheme and rely on accessories for any added visual interest.

I tried to emulate this in my outfit, keeping a mostly neutral color story, a wider cut top and a minimalistic bag. In making this style my own, I added my favorite necklace: a wide gold chain with various charms connected. I finished the look off with sandals with a little sparkle, although they still matched my color scheme.

Get My Look: 1. Denim tunic. 2. Leggings. 3. Cute sandals. 4. Necklace. 3. Lacoste bag.