STYLE GURU STYLE: Between Two Extremes

STYLE GURU STYLE: Between Two Extremes

As a big fan of the choker trend, but also trying to transition from college girl to young professional, I try to find ways I can take the current trends and add a touch of class. My newest find: the neckerchief. It builds off the stylistic base of a choker by adding a feminine feel with the wispy ends. You get to keep the edgy touch of the choker all while feeling beyond a high school-aged ‘90s girl.

With inspiration pulled from one of the most business-chic designers—Emporio Armani—I collaborated his accessory touches in the spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection with my young, wild and free side of the closet. Specifically, I took the short scarf look (what I prefer to call the neckerchief) and put it with an outfit that I probably won’t wear in five years (the crop top). But what I did do to add on to the tailored feel of Armani’s collection was hold on to a casual blazer. The baby pink of the blazer combined with my all-black ensemble helped even out the harshness of the overall look.

Looking back at my outfit creation, I like to think I revamped Grease’s “Pink Lady” to fit into this decade. Instead of a bomber jacket, I used a blazer. Instead of low-rise heels, I wore wedges. Instead of a chest-revealing top, I wore an on-trend crop-top. However, I did keep the dark aviators and the black high-waisted jeans (staples forever).

As a twenty-something leaving college, but not ready to abandon the wardrobe of my youth, this outfit balances out the transition from one fashion world to the next. H&M, where the blazer was found, is the perfect place to find inexpensive trendy clothes with classic pieces thrown about—mix and match heaven. The rest were lucky finds like the crop top from Abercrombie. Note: don’t be afraid to wander into stores you might not usually shop in. Surprises are around every rack.

Get My Look: 1. Neckerchief 2. High-Waisted Jeans 3. Blazer