STYLE GURU STYLE: Better with Pom-Poms

Towards the middle of the term, I have a tendency to hit an outfit schlump. Spring in Seattle means unpredictable weather filled with uninspiring gray skies. Between rain clouds and big tests, it can be difficult for me to feel inspired to create a great outfit.

Solution? Use bold accessories to amp things up! I’ve always had a fashion rule that I stick to when creating outfits: nothing boring. This spring outfit lives up to just that!

For this look, I kept my outfit interesting with statement pom-pom accents. Bold accessories are a great way to turn up the volume on a laid-back outfit. Simply throwing on statement earrings and slinky ankle boots took this simple look from ordinary to something great.

I love pom-poms because of how playful they are. They always seem to put a smile on my face. These bright red earrings pop against my dark hair to add a fun splash of color to my look. I love how chic and easy they are to wear while still adding something unique.

To add another layer of fun, I chose to wear my favorite pom-pom ankle boots. Their modern shape and velvet texture are on-trend for this season. I often find myself grabbing them instead of my plain black ankle boots.  Pairing them with dark wash jeans is a great way to help elongate my legs. Bonus points for these shoes being practical and comfortable enough to trek across campus in!

With so many bold accessories, I stuck to my favorite dark wash denim and a simple button-down to help balance out the look. The subtle stripes on this oversize button-down add a bit of chic that plays well with the round pom-poms. These simple pieces help to play up the fun accessories and are perfect for layering under a rain coat or denim in case the weather turns sour.

Oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses are the perfect touch to finish the look!