The anticipation of spring was long overdue. I cannot express how elated I had become when I finally had the opportunity to board my flight to Puerto Rico for Spring Break, wearing some of my favorite spring ensembles. Thanks to the J.Crew spring 2015 menswear collection, I found inspiration on what to wear over the course of the break. I enjoyed the ensemble had crossing over from vintage to urban. I tried to correlate this theme into my very own outfit, each look the models wore contributed to the outfit I wore.

I particularly enjoyed what Noah Johnson, who reviewed the show for said about the fashion show. “What makes J.Crew special is that the range of influence runs wide—nautical, military, Ivy League, it’s all there—and the individual pieces hold up as well as the collection as a whole.”

After studying this show, it was my mission to find a shirt and bottoms which fit the nautical theme appropriately. Although each look was simplistic and edgy in their own way, out of all twenty-four, look five had the most impact and influence. They provided versatility and durability all while maintaining an edgy, vintage look.

When finding my personal items for my rendition of look five, I felt as though it was important to not only find items that were neutral, but could also serve a larger purpose inside of my wardrobe. The shorts could be used for a plethora of different occasions. And the shirt I found unintentionally; however, I appreciated it the moment I laid eyes on it. The colors are fun, offering me numerous color schemes for future outfits and not limiting me to wearing it with a few things. The show featured Birkenstocks and that made me excited because I love my pair. This also gave me another excuse to wear them and find new ways to dress them as well.

In majority of the looks in the J.Crew collection, accessories were a subtle, but large part of the outfit. So to put my spin on accessories, I wore a Stetson Hat and Michael Kors tortoise horn watch. Both added to the browned toned theme my entire outfit possessed.

When finding inspiration from any form of art, I suggest always putting your own unique spin to it, making the outfit more you.

Get My Look: 1. A colored shirt. 2. Pair of chinos. 3. Favorite pair of sandals.