The hypnotic beat of The Ronettes drifting from the radio and Jacqueline Kennedy’s flawless fashion sense depicted on television defined the ’60s. It was a time of transition, from women’s rights to hem lines. Women began breaking out of their traditional roles in the home, shedding their domesticated personas and throwing on fashion staples that we still covet today. As a result, it only makes sense that the Chanel pre-fall 2016 collection draws inspiration from the fashionably transformative time of the ’60s. From the boxy silhouettes and short hemlines, to the voluminous beehived hair and heavy-winged liner, this collection transports the ’60s to 2016 flawlessly.

Stealing inspiration from the Chanel pre-fall 2016 collection, I sought to create my own take on the rockabilly betty look that many Fashionistas and Fashionistos seek to copy in today’s day and age. In order to create a Chanel-esque outfit on a budget, I stuck to a simple color palette of black, white and gray. I paired a graphic crewneck emblazoned with the phrase “haute shot” for a little bit of fashionable humor, with a wool houndstooth dress coat. This pairing is unexpected, which is why it works so well. Like many other college students, I can’t seem to abandon my leggings, which is why I chose to incorporate them into this look. Yes, I know Blair Waldorf declared that tights are not pants circa 2007, but sometimes comfort trumps the rules of fashion. To contrast the houndstooth pattern in a trendy way, I chose to wear a fun pair of kate spade polka-dot crew socks as well. In order to balance the masculinity of the broad-shouldered jacket, the gray heeled booties are a nice touch of much-needed femininity.

To stay consistent with the overall look of the Chanel pre-fall 2016 collection, I also chose to incorporate the beauty trends of the ’60s. I twisted my hair loosely into a half-up bouffant, topped my lips off in a matte shade of bubblegum pink and winged my eyes in liner until my peripheral vision became limited. This look is the perfect way to evoke femininity with a strong and independent masculine undertone. I felt like a Kennedy attending a Rolling Stones concert, in the most fabulous way possible.

Get My Look: 1. A houndstooth coat. 2. A pair of gray heeled booties. 3. Outrageously large pearl earrings. 4. Black kohl eyeliner.