STYLE GURU STYLE: Basically Blue

Schools out or nearing an end for most. Whether you are graduating or just completed your first year, the stress of school hanging over your head has been put on a pause. For many of us this means more time to focus on summer internships, jobs and if you’re a Fashionista/o then summer trends of course. With all this extra time on your hands it’s time to experiment with the new trends, try things out, see what you like. Looking at runway styles for most of us is a turn off, it’s intimidating and most of the looks aren’t meant to be everyday wear. What you can do is not completely these exotic styles but choose single pieces or concepts from the outfit and incorporate it into your own.

This week my inspirations stems from Michael Kors spring 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show. I have always been a fan of Michael Kors. Being a Fashion Design major and intrigued by fashion, I am constantly trying to enhance my look and stay up to date with trends. Sometimes this becomes a challenge because I along with many others don’t have the funds to do so.

I toned this fabulous runway look down by taking single pieces from the outfit that I liked. I really appreciate the overall ambiance of the collection. I enjoyed how the designer choose to keep the overall line clean. I love how there was a mix of patterns and yet at the same time the outfit was kept clean by pairing it with a nude sandal, or shoe. Sometimes even choosing single piece from a runway outfit or collection can be difficult. However, I think if you look at the runway collection as a whole and think about what inspired this designer and find similar patterns throughout the collection, by incorporating those style ideas into your own wardrobe, you are staying trending and keeping your wardrobe fresh.

This look is a mixture of classic and new styles. I incorporated the overall overpowering blue color scheme rather than the overall white color scheme from the first couple of looks that came down the runway. Then I decided to add the mixture of patterns that also were incorporated in the all white ensembles. Next, to add some contrast to the look by adding in a bright summery pink lip color, my favorite lipstick Preston by Tom Ford. I then choose to incooporate the side tied square neck scarf, seeing this on many fashion blogs as well as runway styles I thought the combination of the booties, shift dress and scarf added class and interest to the outfit. Finally I choose top the outfit off by pairing it with my favorite summer sunglasses. All these pieces tied together are my interpretation and inspiration of the Michael Kors spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Recreating a runway style doesn’t have to be complicated, be creative and simplify it to incooporate it into your everyday wardrobe.

 Get My Look: 1. Any square neck scarf . 2. Classic brown booties. 3. Polarized Ray-Bans.