STYLE GURU STYLE: Bare Shoulders for Winter

On the list of my go-to looks, a bare shoulder is at the very top. The amount of off-the-shoulder dresses or halter tanks in my closet is boundless. It’s the easiest way to look a little fancier when you go out at night and a little more original than just an average sundress during the day. It’s elegant when done modestly and shows off one of the most flattering parts of a woman’s body without showing too much skin.

Since I go to school in Florida, I obviously don’t need to give up this trend during the winter months since it feels like summer year-round. I can keep to my off-the-shoulder sundress or halter tank regimen. But when I come home for winter break to cold Chicago, I miss the ease and elegance of being able to show some shoulder. This trend seems next to impossible in 30-degree weather when everyone is covered in snow boots and full length coats. Bare shoulders seem out of place and impractical. However, the key word here is seems.

Sachin & Babi featured bare shoulders in many looks for their fall 2016 collection. They made it work for colder months by pairing off-the-shoulder or one sleeve tops with long oversized pants and elegant floor-length skirts. The trend doesn’t look impractical when it’s in wintry colors like black and mustard yellow. In fact, it looks elegant, original and of course fashionable, especially in a sea of oversized sweaters and dresses with tights.

In order to make this look work for freezing Chicago, I chose an off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt in a thick winter fabric like flannel. I paired this with my favorite jeans and wedge shoes that add an extra element of surprise with their interesting straps. I paired the outfit with big diamond earrings to make it a little more fancy so it can work for a dinner or party. And, of course, huge sunglasses to make me feel like a celebrity, obviously.

Get My Look: 1. Off-the-shoulder long sleeve. 2. Black wedges. 3. Diamond Studs. 4. Sunglasses.