STOP: I have one task for you! This month we are diving right into some mega trends that are going on right now.

Okay, this is what I need you to do. Open your old costume bin from when you were a little kid, grab that old pirate costume from the dusty shelves and steal the most vital part of the look. The bandana. Who would have known our elementary school dress up days would actually benefit us today?

The bandana trend has been blowing up recently. I personally didn’t know there could be so many RAD ways to style a simple bandana, but there is. Of course, this look is all over every fashion lovers Instagram. For this look, I pulled inspiration from Sacai’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection featuring the bandana accessory. This collection showcases chic bandana prints and many different ways to style this classic pattern. Each model sported the bandana accessory differently. Some models wore it around their neck as a choker and some wore it loosely, as seen here.

For my look, I stuck with a deep blue bandana tied loosely around my neck. I also wore a low back one-piece bathing suit as a leotard instead of a shirt. As for bottoms, I slipped on a pair of light wash denim shorts. Right now, I am loving mirrored sunglasses so, naturally, I popped them on to keep the haters away. Just kidding, the sun was blinding. Lastly, I tied my favorite army green jacket around my waist. As for shoes, I tied up my white converse and was ready for a day of walking!

This look was so easy to accomplish! Just enlist the help of your handy dandy bandana and this outfit goes from casual to trendy real quick!

Get My Look: 1. Bandana; 2. One-piece; 3. Sunglasses