STYLE GURU STYLE: Bandana Bandit

Being from Arizona, the wild wild west, you can imagine my intrigue when the bandana print was the life of the party at the Sacai, spring 2016 show. Amongst all the stilettos and intricate designs, bandanas were a refreshingly simple focus on the runway. It is obvious that the influence was implied to achieve an eclectic ready-to-wear line. We have seen it on the runway, in street style and I could not wait to try it myself! And let me tell you, it will be on repeat for this coming spring.

As if ripped black jeans, boots and a jean jacket did not make one feel cool enough, the addition of a bandana really does the trick. I really love layering bracelets, socks and sweaters in this case. The outer sweater was actually one of my late grandmother’s samples that she used to sell. It is 100 percent cotton and amazing quality; not to mention the nostalgia it brings. Although I styled a black bandana tied, it just happened to be the first one I grabbed. A red bandana tied or worn open to a point, more like a scarf, would be just as #rad. Throwing on a hat is just the cherry on top. And as a bonus, you are exempt from doing your hair! Anything lazy and chic is a YES in my book. Give me a RAD, let me know how you like this trend and tag me in your instagram pictures! @nicarose

Get My Look:  1. Black Bandana, 2. Heeled Boots, 3. Neutral Hat, 4. Highwaisted black Jeans, 5. Jean Jacket