STYLE GURU STYLE: Band of Gypsies

As the influence of the ‘70s makes its way toward full trend control, I am still trying to best figure out how to incorporate the decade into my personal style. Thanks to the ever-brilliant Elie Saab, I have found the perfect trend-translation fit for me. The Elie Saab resort 2016 collection channels the glamour of 1970s Hollywood. Off-white, beige, black and blush are the dominant colors, giving a neutral cool to the collection. Other noteworthy elements include the use of an almost doily-style crafted lace, sections of subtle horizontal partitions and an overall sleek, long-lined silhouette.

As to not deviate too much from my comfort zone, I have opted for a black dress. This dress, which was a major discount score from Band of Gypsies, fits the silhouette and lace themes that permeate the Elie Saab resort collection. My favorite thing about this dress is the faux corset top. It does actually lace and give the appearance of a corset style, but without the rigidity of a true foundation piece. This lace-up component evokes the formality and glamour of the gorgeous gowns Elie Saab is known for, and rightfully so. In order to keep things casual, I slid my favorite pair of ultra-comfortable sandals on rather than a heel…after all it is the ‘70s we’re talking about. Finally, I broke out one of my favorite statement rings adorned with abalone to complete the look.

Before I sign off for the final time, I would like to say how much fun I have had here at CollegeFashionista! It has been such a wonderful experience talking to people about their self-expression through clothing. If you would like to continue to follow me on my personal fashion journey, I am a complete Instagram addict (@irisofamanda) and will be launching a style blog soon at irisofamanda.blogspot.com, so keep an eye out! That’s all for now folks, until we meet again: stay RAD and never hesitate to be unapologetically you.

Get My Look: 1. Black lace dress. 2. An (abalone) statement ring. 3. Comfortable sandals.