STYLE GURU STYLE: Balenciaga Before Labor Day

August 3rd, 2016 at 2:05am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Balenciaga Before Labor Day

I’m not sure if anyone really follows the rule of no white after Labor Day, but Alexander Wang took it seriously when giving us an all white runway show for spring 2016.

It’s only fitting that Alexander Wang’s last line with Balenciaga would be effortlessly breathtaking and one that I would take multiple trends from. For spring 2016 ready-to-wear, his all ivory collection was made using the softest, subtlest fabrics, in turn, making each model look as if they were angels floating down the runway. The beauty of his collection is that he took such a simple idea of plain fabrics and one plain color, and turned each garment into a work of art.

Wang talks about stepping out of his comfort zone for this collection and that is exactly what I did when I adopted his look. Wang is known to have more of an athletic or masculine aesthetic when it comes to his designs which relates to my tendency to dress in a more bold, edgy style. His attitude about taking a risk and doing something more feminine and simple really sparked my ambition to try on an outfit resembling his collection.

Wang designed an assortment of flowing, silk pants, cotton crop tops and linen jackets. To resemble this, I chose a silk styled pair of culottes and a cotton crop top, both from Urban Outfitters. Many of Wang’s designs also had frilling edges that are very similar to the straps on my top.

To make Wang’s look my own I added a pair of faux snakeskin heels, black nails, gold arm bands, bold make up and a metal choker. The snakeskin heels have laces that tie up my ankle adding extra detail to my otherwise simple outfit, my dark red lip created a good contrast to the white garments and the gold, metal choker adds the extra edge I always need in an outfit. The intensity of these aspects really changed his runway look into my own street look. No matter what the trend is, it’s always fun to find a way to make it yours!

Get My Look: 1. A comfy pair of culottes. 2. A fun metal choker. 3. A dark lip color.