STYLE GURU STYLE: Back To The Basics

Coming from a girl who has no idea what to wear on a daily basis, it is good to go back to the basics. My go to things always consist of skinny jeans, blacks, whites or neutrals. Going to the basics means you can always dress it up or down and look extremely put together in the least amount of time. The plus is also being able to play with fun accessories and makeup to make your outfit pop. Let’s take it back to Tomas Maier’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear line. One specific outfit came up and helped me get inspired for my basic look. It is amazing to see that bold colors can truly make an outfit come alive. I would totally wear something like this in the cool breezy of Florida. How did I do my rendition? Keep on reading.

What does one wear when it hits below 70 degree on a rainy day in South Florida?

I have a lack of fall and winter clothes because I have always lived in shorts and tank tops. For a south Floridian, any time it hits under 70 degrees, it is freezing for us. So of course, a girl like me who has never lived outside of Miami finds 68 degrees freezing! But once it hits below 70 on that thermometer, I go to my black and white sweater. It is hard to find the perfect fall outfit when you live in 90-degree weather all year-round. But once you play around with those neutral colors and find that perfect sweater, keep it forever and always find a fun way to wear it.

What is perfect about this outfit is that you can dress it up or down. Today, I decided to wear it dressed down on this chilly day. Add some accessories like a bedazzled headband and black sunglasses. For me, simplicity is elegance. And you will never go wrong with embracing your basic looks.

Get My Look: 1. the Basic Sweater 2. Skinny blue jeans 3. White Sperrys