STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to the Basics

STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to the Basics

In my years of being a Fashionista, the evolution of my personal style has been a bit of a rollercoaster. First it was head-to-toe camo at age eight, then blue hair extensions at 12. At 14, I wore DIY galaxy print jeans, and shopped solely at HotTopic but by 16 I went full on preppy.

As I’ve grown up, my personal style has mellowed out quite a bit. Gone are the days of pairing a blue camo top with olive camo pants (a staple outfit of my younger self—I know, I’m cringing as I write this), and in are the days of pairing classic staples with statement pieces. I still like to take a wild risk every now and then but I’ve found that some of my most memorable looks are all about the basics.

For this look, I challenged myself to channel my inner minimalist and stick as close to the bare minimum as I possibly could. I kept my accessories to an all-time low and wore classic wardrobe staples, starting with a plain white T-shirt. Next, I threw on my favorite boyfriend jeans. The patches make enough of a statement to elevate my look from simple to edgy and on trend. Pegging the cuffs of my jeans ’80s style and my rocking rather well-loved, all black Converse, gave my look a bit of a retro feel too. To top off the look, I wore my leather jacket, the real MVP of my wardrobe. Though it is a basic piece, this leather jacket can pull any outfit together. For finishing touches, I added my reflective sunglasses and my go-to bag. To spice things up, I tied a silk scarf around the handle.

While my former blue-haired self may frown at the simplicity of this outfit, going back to the basics is not a bad thing at all. Classic looks have a certain effortlessness about them that is envied by all. Not to mention, finding some basic pieces that have a few extra details you love, like my patched jeans for example, can help to make a simple outfit all your own. I encourage you all to go back to the basics every once and a while, you definitely won’t regret it.