With summer coming to a close I’ve spent the last few weeks shopping to perfect my school wardrobe. While I applaud people who are able to dress up every day for early classes, I will never be that person. However, I also can’t forgive myself for heading out the door in sweatpants. The T by Alexander Wang fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection just hit yesterday, and it’s already serving as my inspiration for fall. The T line has always remained casual and comfortable which makes a perfect recipe for class. This combined with the recent rise of popularity of joggers has me settling into fall ready to dress for success. The sweatpants hybrid that Wang (and many other brands) offer are the lazy girl’s leggings and the chic girl’s sweatpants…and they will be filling my closet all fall.

Alexander Wang has a way with athleisure. I love these joggers because of how soft and cozy they are. I normally like to keep the cuffs a little above my ankles because I like a more relaxed fit and because they look so much cuter with my Converse that way! And despite the fact that my Converse are completely beat up after a long summer, I’ll still be wearing them long through the fall. I think this is the perfect outfit for class because it has a good combination of casual and cute. You can wear sweatpants to class without actually wearing sweatpants to class.

My favorite part about this outfit, though, has got to be the sports bra. I worship at the altar that is Alexander Wang, and much like his other collections, I drooled over his H&M collaboration. The minute the collection hit stores in Chicago, I was outside waiting in line. This sports bra has to be my favorite take-away from the day and I love flaunting it under semi-sheer shirts. Even though this was a limited edition collection, you can get the same look with the Calvin Klein bras that have become so popular.

I’ve loved spending this summer with you all, now go out, get yourself a sporty new wardrobe, and lets make this next semester even more RAD!

Get My Look: 1. Slouchy joggers. 2. A graphic sports bra. 3. A great pair of sneakers.