Boots and knitted sweaters aren’t normally associated with popular summer trends, but living in Seattle, the weather is definitely unpredictable! Being able to integrate wardrobe from the colder seasons into summertime can be a little tricky, but with the right accessories, a winter outfit can still have that fun summer flare.

Pulling inspiration from Tom Ford’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I combined dark pieces like leather pants, with softer materials like a knitted sweater. Ford’s collection is a mixture of complex patterns that range from a solid black jacket, to a leopard print fur coat; he combines different textures, layers and colors in order to produce a cohesive, yet intricate, collection for the fall season. My favorite part about Tom Ford’s collection is his ability to utilize so many components and layers of an outfit together, while still creating a look that’s fashionable and wearable.

While I love looking at runway trends and what models are currently wearing from the best designers in the world, it can definitely be intimidating to try to recreate the fashion statements being made on stage. With my outfit, I chose elements that Ford had in his collection, while toning it down a bit to fit my own personal style. Instead of overly layering different patterns and textures together, I opted for a gray knitted sweater and paired it with some leather pants. The sweater isn’t overbearing and it goes well with the darker pants that have a different texture to them. I also loved the knee high boots that Ford showcased in many of his pieces, but again I decided to tone it down a bit and use ankle booties that have a wedged style heel with fun little laced details in front. These boots really help elevate a simple outfit and also make short girls, like me, feel a bit taller and more confident when showing off an outfit.

I can’t forget to mention my favorite accessory: the statement necklace! Ford definitely used statement necklaces in his fall collection and they looked amazing paired up with the many layers he used in his pieces.This is a really great way to transition a traditional fall outfit, into the summer season. With the bright color pop of turquoise, paired up with all of the dark components of this outfit, the necklace definitely stands out and adds a brighter vibe to this style. So don’t be scared to dig up those sweaters and boots stuffed in the back up of your closet for this summer season! You can make any outfit work as long as you add your own creative touch to your personal style.

Get My Look: 1. Any dark colored knitted sweater. 2. A bright colored statement necklace .3. Laced up booties.