STYLE GURU STYLE: Baby's Got Backpack

August 11th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Baby's Got Backpack

Towards the end of the summer we all start to feel a bit panicked to accomplish our summer goals. We all have them, visions of beach-side bonfires and cottage adventures that we somehow have neglected among all of our summer classes and work schedules. There is no need to worry everyone! We still have a couple of good weeks left to enjoy some summer festivities. So pencil in some time for sunshine because this month’s advice will guide you through your summer adventure essentials. These outfit tips will have you ready to transition from summer adventures to your first busy semester, while still looking great in all the pictures you take along your way!

The centre piece of this outfit is the small sized backpack. Backpacks are one of my favourite pieces to collect because they are functional and they also have the power to influence the overall effect of an outfit. This particular item is from Exile Vintage clothing.This is one of my personal favourite vintage shops in the entire city. Small to medium sized bags are great for storing all your festival and beach kits as well as just being big enough to fit a text book or two. These backpacks will carry you from fun in the sun all the way to campus this year. A statement backpack can be used in a solid colour, metallics, as it is here, or in a pattern and matched with neutral pants and top. I pair this pack with a crew-neck T-shirt with a playful pattern calling to mind the quirky styles of ’90s icons such as Dustin Diamond (Saved By The Bell). This top was purchased second hand from the Kensington Avenue vintage market, which is also a great place to start hunting for your own summer adventure pack!

To style this backpack, I use a patterned crew-neck paired with a neutral bottom. Be careful not to add too many patterns to your outfit if your backpack is already busy. Keep a solid block of neutral colour either in your bottoms or top. To tie the look together try to match the colour in the top or the backpack with your accessories. Here I match it with my white jelly sandals but you can use low-rise sneakers as well.

Get My Look: 1. Pick out a small to medium sized statement back pack, either coloured or patterned. 2. Make sure it is just big enough to hold what you really need on your summer adventures such as; camera, sunscreen, small towel, etc. 3. Then pair your backpack with an item that shares a similar colour scheme or theme.