STYLE GURU STYLE: Baby, It's Not Cold Outside

December 17th, 2015 at 9:42am

I know when those sleigh bells ring… that can only mean one thing: that Santa Claus is coming to town! It’s finally that time of year, my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos. The smell of peppermint mochas from the Starbucks in the library, the ridiculous number of UGGs seen around campus, the lack of snow on the ground (for us Floridians at least), and of course, the highly anticipated break that allows us to spend dear time with our loved ones are all here. Just like any other year, this holiday season brings us all of these things along with the great gift of fashion. I adore these few weeks of ongoing bliss, but sometimes I wish it would be cold enough to wear layers of knits and a peacoat, or to take a posed candid picture playing in the snow (we’ve all done it).

Taking inspiration from the Chanel fall 2015 couture collection, I decided that all my holiday looks would encompass one of my favorite things: jewel tones. Couture shows can be difficult to incorporate into wearable outfits, but I decided to use the casino-equse essence of Karl Lagerfeld’s collection that includes colors like ruby red, emerald green and deep sapphire blue. Jewel tones, straight lines, strong women; these three points sum up the beauty and intricacy of Lagerfeld’s work.

To recreate these looks into something of my own brand, I decided to go with a simple, Zara glove fit dress in emerald. This is by far my favorite shade of green to don, especially in the fall and winter seasons. I wanted to keep the look chic enough for a nice dinner, but still add to the holiday spirit, so I went with laser cut white lace-up Christian Louboutin heels. Green and red… how much more spirited could I get without looking like I was headed to an ugly sweater party?

Santa baby, happy holidays!

Get My Look:  1. Emerald green dress.  2. White Christian Louboutins heels. 3. Cartier LOVE Bracelet.