STYLE GURU STYLE: Architectural and Unexpected

Do you want to know my favorite thing about the pre-fall collections? The fact that no one can decide if “pre-fall” means warm weather or cold weather. Some designers use pre-fall as an opportunity to display their best fur coats, over-the-knee boots and capes, while other designers use it as a chance to get a jump on mini dresses, short suit sets and sleek sandals. The Osman pre-fall 2016 collection finely walked the line between these two extremes, but being the sun-loving, warm blooded human that I am, I chose to interpret the collection with the warm weather version of pre-fall in mind.

While I was completely and utterly obsessed with the brightly colored abstract suit separates, my closet is unfortunately lacking in that area. As you can see, however, I do own a very sleek little black dress that closely resembles the architectural designs from this collection. The loose ruffles featured on this dress also allude to similar loose ruffles on some of the Osman pre-fall looks. They do a great job of adding dimension to the otherwise plain style, and I love the way ruffles move when I walk.

The Osman collection also inspired me to go with a different type of shoe than I normally would choose. While the collection showcases multiple types of shoes, including ankle boots, loafers and fancy flats, they all shared the same level of sleekness. Typically with an LBD, I would choose sexy black or nude heels to elongate my legs; however, wearing heels to class and around campus isn’t always the best idea. Instead, I followed the cues from the Osman collection and put on my shiny gold oxford flats. I have to say, Osman knows what they’re doing. Not only did the shiny gold add a really unique facet to my look, but they also kept me grounded (no pun intended) and more refined for school and club meetings.

Get My Look: 1. A structured little black dress. 2. Practical and professional oxfords. 3. A simple black clutch.