A little Cavalli goes a long way…I learned this after trying to incorporate a few elements from Roberto Cavalli’s recent collection into my outfits. The Italian designer’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection hit the runway during Milan Fashion Week. This collection incorporates traditional motifs associated with Chinese culture. His beaded floral motifs, as pull from the memory of the Ming Dynasty. However, he doesn’t take the theme far enough for it to shut out his signature look. Animal print is all over the place because it is Roberto Cavalli after all.

He starts with a bold cheetah that continues through the first half of the collection. Although I can’t quite pull off his ostentatiousness, I tried to channel him after seeing Look 17. I played it somewhat safe and opted for cheetah print shoes. My slip-ons are a reversal of the look’s structured heels: print in the front and leather in the back. I paired them with super simple, gray skinny jeans and black accessories. Since a full on Cavalli-inspired look is not easy to wear to class, I toned it down with a plain, black leather tote and black overcoat.

This fall 2015 collection, within the context of Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli lines, was relatively predictable. His signature print was very present and tied all his looks together. In comparison with his last spring collection, he kept his colors darker, and the focus was left on the motifs. Then, there was particular attention to embroidering, accessorizing and texture. If there is one thing to take from this, it’s that some of these looks are works of a particular creativity best understood on the runway.

Get My Look: 1. Black tote. 2. Gray jeans 3. Cheetah slip-ons.