STYLE GURU STYLE: Amber Inspiration

So far this summer I have loved a rich cool color palette, which is why I was immediately drawn to the Apiece Apart Resort 2016 collection. This line is filled with amber, navy, deep green and bold yellows; all of which can be seen prominently in my wardrobe. Another aspect of this collection that stood out is the lightweight flowing fabrics that are used throughout. To me, this type of fabric is perfect for summer because of the effortless movement it brings to any look! After studying the Apiece Apart collection on I was inspired to create a look that was more practical for everyday wear, but still contained the stunning colors and beautiful fabrics.

I started off with a pair of breezy amber drawstring shorts. I used these to recreate the fabric element from the Apiece Apart collection. I then paired the shorts with a simple woven blouse with a vintage floral design. I chose these two pieces because they contained the rich colors seen in the collection, which was something that I wanted to make sure I incorporated into my look.

When choosing my accessories I wanted to carry out the vintage theme a little further. I chose a woven fossil bag that incorporated hints of color seen in the Apiece Apart collection. Next, I paired my look with a simple pair of gold sandals. I didn’t want my footwear to be so bold that it detracted from the beautiful color palette I was trying to recreate.

Finally, I carefully selected my jewelry. With such a bold pattern in my top I didn’t want to look overly styled with jewelry. I stuck with a simple distressed buckle bracelet and, surprise surprise, a delicate necklace! I also added a simple pair of pyramid earrings. For the finishing touches I grabbed my favorite pair of sunglasses and swiped on a sheer red lipstick.

As we all know, color can make or break the way we feel about a garment. The color palate used in the Apiece Apart collection is one of my favorite groupings I have seen all summer! I will definitely be experimenting with different combinations of these colors and materials as the season progresses!

Get My Look: 1. A blouse with a bold pattern. 2. A breezy pair of shorts. 3. Your favorite vintage style bag.