STYLE GURU STYLE: All You Need Is Less

Black and white is a great mixture together. Black and white can be seen on a garment with stripped patterns, color-blocked with separates and other stylish textural patterns. You can never go wrong with a black and white outfit even if the materials are not exactly the same. My favorite things to do with the colors black and white are color-block or wear each color as separates. Simplified, I chose either colors as a top and the other as the bottom with a red shoe or one that stands out. When wearing vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, teal and others it is difficult to blend the texture of the materials because it tends to look a little off and awkward. Neutral colors like beige and white along with black can be worn with different textural patterns.

Josh Goots inspired my look because his entire resort 2016 collection was black and white. He incorporated those two colors by doing a lot of color-blocking. In his first three looks Goots had all white pieces with a black square patch on the T-shirt, pants and dress. As you look further into his collection he mixes the material for his white and black dresses. The dresses can be seen in looks nine, 10 and further on. As you continue to browse through Goots’ collection he continues with his black and white pallets but make his looks more versatile. He has dresses, long vest, pants and he even added colors such as orange and blue to his collection.

For my outfit, I focused on wearing the colors black and white. I wore my favorite black leather balloon shorts and a simple graphic T-shirt. Because I was wearing shorts I decided to wear shoes that will stand out and adds to my outfit. I decided to wear my favorite gladiator sandals. My look is similar to Goots in which it incorporated his black and white casual wear. I added my leather backpack for a more sporty and edgy look.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic T-shirt. 2. Leather shorts. 3. Gladiators.