What comes to mind when you picture the color white? In most psychological studies white has been found to show light, purity, cleanliness, innocence and in some cases perfection. White was chosen to be a trending Pantone color this year. I think it totally works as a great outfit when done the right way. Rachel Zoe takes white to a whole new level in her pre-fall 2015 fashion show. This very outfit inspired me to try this monochromatic trend. I never thought I would be a fan of it, but all-white everything turned out to be all (write).

There are a few things I have begun to realize as I end one journey with the CollegeFashionista team and begin a new adventure at Kent State University Florence campus for my junior year. One of them being that college students all have their unique style and it is fun to work with people your age who have the same vision as you. Secondly, the world is huge and when you think you know everyone someone else comes a long that you vibe and get a long with. When you put yourself out there, it is easy to seek new opportunities and make new friends. I will try to remember that as I venture out into a whole different comfort zone in Italy.

That is why I wanted to end my internship with an all-white outfit. I want to show I am ready to take on whatever life throws my way the next four months and start a new chapter in my young life. Of course, I added a bit of color because it was time for me to end my strictly black and white wardrobe. Italians wear a lot of color if you were not aware so when in Rome do what the Romans do.

Get My Look: 1. White wide legged pants. 2. One elegant camisole. 3. Statement piece.