STYLE GURU STYLE: All-White Everything

STYLE GURU STYLE: All-White Everything

It’s no surprise that people who live in different parts of the country tend to have different style preferences. However, I did not truly realize how largely trends can carry until I traveled to Sarasota, Florida for spring break. Dressed in black jeans, a ripped T-shirt and my Converse, I stood out like a sore thumb in the mall amongst all the women dressed in Lilly Pulitzer. In D.C, this would have been a regular outfit that wouldn’t have turns head. Black, after all, was the color of choice in D.C.

After my trip to Florida, I decided that it was probably time to check out and see what the designers were putting out there for spring looks. I already knew that boho-chic was the new trend this season. Fringe was featured on every shirt and skirt imaginable in Forever 21. However, I knew there was no way Oliver Rousteing was going to let fringe make an appearance on the Balmain runway.

After analyzing every slideshow, it was easy for pick my favorite designer of the season: Diane von Furstenberg. Her matching sets and country style patterns were an interesting twist. One of my favorite looks was an all-white ensemble. I never knew how to wear all-white, but the different textures of each piece matched perfectly together, creating the perfect yet effortless ensemble.

Today, while the weather is cooperating, I decided to go for this all-white look. I picked a knit sweater to go along with my white lace shorts. The preppy look is clean and effortless. To finish the look, I wore black, strappy Stuart Weitzman sandals. While a silver sandal would also have matched the outfit, I knew I had to stay true to my formal self and throw some black into the outfit. To finish off the look, I added beach-inspired jewelry.

Get My Look: 1. A white knit sweater. 2. White lace shorts. 3. Black sandals.