I found love when Les Copains’ fall 2015 collection hit the stage. The subtle use of color among layers of dark undertones really hit home in my heart. I felt as though my own personality was coming to life on the runway… again. Anyone who knows me knows that black is my favorite color to throw on in the morning. And nothing beats a classic black on black ensemble. But spring is nearing, and as the snow melts, it reveals beautiful colors that are begging to be noticed. Les Copains’ line completely embodies this. It’s the transition from winter to spring. As there is still a good two feet of snow on the ground here in Pennsylvania, I’m not 100 percent ready to dive into color, but it did make some needed baby steps.

Les Copains included simple, broad and boxy tops, so I wanted to include something like that in my look, too. I found this simple black sweater with a unique dolman cut to do the trick in imitating this collection. Les Copains had a nice mix of light and dark as far as their bottoms go, yet they all had one thing in common—high waists. All I had to do, then, was reach into my drawer blindfolded and select whatever I felt first (I really like high-waisted things). These light-wash jeans felt nostalgic of warm weather, so I thought they’d be an obvious pick. With that, there is a balance of light and dark created that mimics Les Copains’ breathtaking line.

Les Copains is definitely no amateur in the accessories department, so I knew I needed to step it up here. Like this Les Copains line, I frequently channel boho vibes when accessorizing for the day. I wanted to create a balance of my own personal style and what I was seeing in this collection, so I chose bright gold jewelry, with a hint of turquoise as a much needed pop of color. Instead of the statement necklaces that Les Copains uses, I selected something longer to keep it casual. Gray boots were frequented in this line, so I broke mine out of the most hidden parts of my shoe closet and zipped them up to complete my look. Although it’s not an exact replica, I still enjoyed imitating Les Copains elegant, yet fun and girly collection. Dig this look as much as I do? Find out how to get it, too, below.

Get My Look: 1. A dolman sweater. 2. High-waisted pants. 3. Colorful jewelry.