The spring 2015 ready-to-wear show from Saint Laurent was a bit unexpected. In the classic vein of the label, waif models scampered in sky high platform boots wearing sexy ensembles that featured über short skirts, dresses and shorts with plunging necklines and a few daring mesh blouses. Blazers, belts, caps and ties tied tightly around the neck were abundant as were the more classic leather jackets, platform heels, heavy eyeliner and black, black, black. What was unexpected about this show were the pops of color, pattern and flair. One look features a one sleeved, white fur piece while another features a fire truck red fur shawl. Leopard, polka-dot and stripes are in abundance. There are elaborately embellished skirts and dresses, an unexpected feminine turn for the masculine label. These takes on spring are perfect for the modern grunge girl who avoids color like it’s a carb.

Taking notes from this display, I crafted my own spring season look that’s perfect for appearing sexy yet somewhat reasonable in the current cold weather. My winter weather wardrobe is already very thigh high driven, which is fitting when sporting styles from this collection as the models don a plethora of black hosiery. I wore a pair with a mini dress that featured vertical black and white stripes. To amp up this already sultry pairing, I wore sky high, black platform booties to elongate the look and add some fun; 7 inches to be exact.

What really stood out for me in the show were the pieces that employed a girly vibe with asymmetrical, flowing skirts and dresses. I played with this by opting for a drapey, flowing black cardigan from Vera Wang that gives an illusion of asymmetry. It is cozy and warm enough to rock during the cold winter months when I make irrational decisions like wearing this mini dress outside when it’s twenty degrees Fahrenheit!

Get My Look: 1. A striped mini dress. 2. An asymmetical, drapey cardigan. 3. The highest platform wedge boots you can find.