Appealing to all women is no easy task, but designer Alber Elbaz does just that with his Lanvin spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. His plan to go “all or nothing” was achieved by executing all of his pieces with utmost elegance and simplicity. Even in his more provocative designs, they managed to come off as natural and easy. I loved the idea behind Elbaz’s collection and his appreciation to the variations in taste of all women. I enjoyed all of the unique floral prints, ruffled hemlines and eccentric accessories from this collection.

Even though this is a spring collection, Elbaz stuck to mostly warm neutral colors in his designs, which I personally enjoyed. I feel as though you can never go wrong by pairing any given number of neutral colors together. I decided to go with a pair of loose-fitting maroon and white patterned shorts. The ruffled hemline and unique floral pattern on these shorts would fit right in with the collection. I stuck with the theme of warm neutral colors and paired them with a plain black T-shirt and some brown sandals. Some people might argue that brown and black don’t match, but I will agree to disagree! I love the way all of these colors work together and complement each other in this outfit. I finished off the look by bringing back the ’90s with a black tattoo choker because Elbaz also featured a variety of elaborate choker necklaces throughout his collection.

Get My Look: 1. Ruffled shorts. 2. Brown sandals. 3. Tattoo choker.