STYLE GURU STYLE: All Black Everything, Almost!

January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m not a huge trend follower, but I do see the trend of wearing all black in a plethora of fashion shows from this year and last year. My favorite show was from last year’s by Ann Demeulemeester’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear. The models are wearing all black with a pop of gold as a piece of its own or embedded in the garments. I loved the oversized, somewhat flowy tops over the tight or close-fitting bottoms. The shoes most of the models are wearing have round-pointed toes, which I find so different and sophisticated. We’ve seen this actually during the fall of this past year. This particular trend is a classic, therefore never going away. There are many people who wear all black and add an accent color. I decided to add my favorite color to the mix, using makeup.

Putting together an all black winter outfit wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Starting from the top, I love taking a dark lip and adding a bit of lightness to it. Taking one of my favorite dark lipsticks from Black Radiance as the base color, added H&M’s nude lipstick called “Being Perfect.” The two together made the perfect ombre I have ever made; I love making ombre lips! My burgundy, ruffled scarf is from some place unknown, but I am quite sure it could be from Target. Speaking of Target, my beautiful, waist creating, black peacoat is from their plus-sized brand called Pure Energy. The leggings added to the mix are from Torrid, one of my favorite stores to shop from thus far. I love the gray stripes which start from the topside of my hip, making its way to the center of my leg. This subtle detailing adds so much to the look. Finally, my not-so-black booties, also from Torrid, added more of the sophistication I saw on Demeulemeester’s runway looks.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect peacoat 2. Front split leggings 3. Ombre lipstick.