While recently perusing the latest runway shows, I fell in love. In his pre-fall 2015 collection, Roberto Cavalli has brought back some of the simplest yet most timeless trends. Several gorgeous fur pieces channel 1920s glam, but the cut of other items give the ensembles a modern feel. Though I don’t own much faux fur, I will certainly be incorporating more into my wardrobe after witnessing these luxe looks. I also loved the monochromatic flow that prevailed in several of the ensembles. My closet is overflowing with dark pieces at the moment, so I decided to adapt this chic black on black look to suit my own personal style.

One of my favorite things about implementing runway fashion into my wardrobe is that I find it easy to gain inspiration without feeling the pressure to conform totally. On a college girl’s budget, there’s no way I’d be able to acquire all of the pieces from the Roberto Cavalli ensemble, even if I wanted to! One of the easiest ways to mimic runway fashion is to pick out a few statement pieces and implement them into your outfit. Building from those runway inspired items can then help you add your own twist.

I loved the black blazer in the Roberto Cavalli look and coincidentally, I just bought something similar. I used this and the black leather gloves as anchors for the entire look and then added a checkered shirt and popping pink lipstick to incorporate my own quirky style. I love drawing inspiration from the runway and then adding my own unique touch! I used to be weary about runway fashion because I knew I couldn’t afford the items in the ensembles I loved. However, I’ve learned that you should never be afraid to experiment. Recreating a look with different pieces is not only what makes the outfit special, but also what makes assembling it fun!

Get My Look: 1. A black blazer. 2. Popping pink lipstick. 3. Black leather gloves.