STYLE GURU STYLE: All About The Gray

February 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

In the past when people have asked me about my pet peeves, my number one answer would always be, “I hate when people wear one color.” Fast forward to present day and I can be seen rocking the color gray from head-to-toe. So, am I a hypocrite? Absolutely not! I see it more as a personal growth in my sense of fashion. I have been curating my personal style since 1995: that is 22 years of fashion trends that were either a hit or miss (mostly misses though), and experiencing all those trends and how they continue to evolve helped to change my mind on how I approach my personal style.

Before becoming a blogger and a fashion enthusiast, I have always been convinced that in order to pull off the perfect outfit or make a fashion statement, your outfit has to color coordinate with at least two major colors. While that still reigns true, to an extent, my exposure to editorials, fashion bloggers and celebrity style has expanded my outlook in fashion from working with a fixed palette to creating looks that convey your personal style through an understanding of work with dimensions and current trends.

“All About The Gray” is a look that was created after weeks of binge shopping and realizing that I only rummaged the clearance rack just in case I need an outfit but not because I had somewhere to go. In an attempt to get back to doing what I love in the midst of my responsibilities and stumbling upon my 50 Shades of Grey book, this look was born.

I paired my long sleeve, gray crop top from Akira with this gray structured skirt, also from Akira, and finished it off with my Akira thigh-high boots. Initially, I loved the color palette that I was working with but I felt like something was missing so I added my printed mini purse that I purchased from She Inside.

This is a look that can be taken from night to day and from sweater weather to peacoat weather.