STYLE GURU STYLE: All About Athleisure

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s no surprise that as a college student, I am always running. No, I’m not talking about jogging around campus or hitting the university gym for a treadmill workout. I mean I’m always running errands, running to make it on time to class, and running from one place to another. I’m always on-the-go, snacking when I can, and making sure I use every minute of the day. Sounds exhausting, right? Want to know what makes it better? An outfit that can keep up with a schedule as busy as mine.

The athleisure trend is more popular now than ever because it features outfits that are stylish yet functional. What’s better than combining the comfortability of leggings and sneakers with  other chic pieces? My day to day style includes many different variations of athleisure. I enjoy accenting my active wear staples with different pieces depending on what season it is. In the fall, it might be a light vest. In the winter, layering a sweatshirt with a long coat is my first choice, in the spring I start to shed the extra clothing, and by summer I’m on the crop top train.

The look pictured in this article is the epitome of my spring style. My bold, blue leggings from Lululemon are perfect for a long day of classes, meetings, and errands. The detail on these leggings are to die for, and play off of the subtle stripes in my athletic top. To accessorize, I chose to swap the band on my Apple Watch for a rubber one to create a more athletic look, and added a Louis Vuitton tote bag to hold all my necessities. This look is easy to create and something anyone would want to put on in the morning. So, lose the sweatpants, keep the messy bun, and revolutionize comfort and style with this trend.