STYLE GURU STYLE: Accessories for May

My favorite month of May is almost here, and that calls for a celebration! As spring turns to summer, many of our statement pieces are outdated and our wardrobe needs to evolve. Brands, such as the one I am sporting called TrendBar, help spruce up any outfit and allow you to change any closet staple into a personal statement.

As a Florida State Seminole, school pride trumps all, and with tassel charms I am able to show off my school spirit! Shown here in garnet and gold, these charms can be placed on your favorite pair of sneakers, lace-up gladiator sandals, or tied to your handbag! They are easy to put on and can be removed as quick as an outfit change.

I am a jewelry junkie, and to me, accessorizing is what allows an outfit to be completely unique. One of my favorite accessories, chokers, are here to stay. To transform my spring velvet maroon choker into a summer staple, I added a charm in the style of red lips. These charms can be placed on your laces, chokers, or on a pin. To create a pin with a charm, you loop the charm through the pin and onto your item of clothing. This can be seen on my vintage leather jacket, with my palm tree DIY pin which reminds me of my Miami home.

Although these little details might seem to make the outfit very busy, by keeping the top and bottom neutral in color and texture, it gives me room to be creative with my accessories!

Denim is my true love, and to spruce up my classic pair of skinny jeans I added a floral embroidery to add a punch of flirty-ness. Fabric stickers are great to add your own personal flair to your favorite clothing item such as jeans, tops, bags, skirts, jackets, and dresses. They can also be taken off at any time and added to another fashion item until the stickiness wears off. To finish off my look, I opted for a red lip to match my red lipped choker. When it comes to detail, never be afraid to go the extra mile with pins, stickers, charms, or tassels.

So they next time you’re bored of staring at the same clothes, pick up some clothing accessories and get decorating!